December 15, 2011

Last Shadow Class & an emotional one

The Shadow Yoga workshop has come to an end. Last-night was the final class and it was the most amazing out of all. The first 5 were spent on breaking down each section and learning them and re-learning them, so this class we got to actually flow through the sequence, twice. The energy that was created was so magnificant. In complete silence, we danced from pose to pose pushing and pulling vibrant Qi into our body. For those of you that don't know what Qi is, pronounced Chi, is life energy, life force or energy flow. When you still your mind and listen to your breath internally you can feel this Qi radiate from your body and all around you..hold your hands in a circle you can feel the energy within that circle swirling around touching each fingertip and the palms of your hands, it's such a beautiful thing.

Towards the end of class I had so much Qi moving through my body that I broke down, I cried for the last 1/2 hour of class, sobbing tears dripping down my face. Part because it felt so beautiful and part because of what is happening my life. The fear of letting go, the fear of not knowing where someone is or what's next, the fear of what was that was so beautiful is all of a sudden ripped from you like it was never there and you're left with questions that can't be answered and a hole in your heart and in your mind. I was grateful for the experience I had through this whole class and last-night. I was supposed to meet a friend for a drink afterwards to catch up but after the experience called and canceled so I could go home and journal instead. I spent a good hour meditating on right now, the positives, the negatives and what I truly want in life. By the time I was done I felt a bit better but still had that fear in me.

Fear is a hard thing to let go of, we all fear towards something. Whether it be fear of love, fear of commitment, fear of what's next, fear of being happy, fear of being unhappy, fear of all comes down to fear of the unknown. We all want to know what's next, where is our life going, why can't we have the answer to where we are meant to be and what we want to do? For some, it's hard to figure this out with another in their life. This is where staying present comes in, focus on what you have right here, right now in this moment and how beautiful it is. Just remember that there is ALWAYS something beautiful to look forward to. There is a lot I am grateful for right now and that is going to yoga tonight with my friend Tami, going to a movie tomorrow night with my friend Mary, going to Solvang Saturday to wine taste and get my fortune read with my friend Jenny, seeing my sister and brother-in-law in San Diego for Christmas and for their big move to the Bay Area at the end of this month, and going to see my sister and my cutest most lovable nephew in Denver for New Years. Each and every one of us is blessed in so many ways, count yours! : )

This Holiday Season, spread your cheer of love towards everyone you know, even those you don't know. And smile and laugh and forget about the past. It's known that once you smile and laugh you feel better on the inside and look prettier on the outside.

December 13, 2011

Life Goes On

We have all been there...the lost job, the death of someone close, the heartbreak. It's easy when you're not in the situation to tell others, "Don't worry, life goes on..." But as soon as it happens to you the tables turn and all you can think about is how terrible your life is, how you don't want to go on, how you are lonely, now what, why did this happen to me..the list just rambles on and how do you sit and meditate and stop your ego from getting the best of you when it's so hard to be in your own mind, when being in your own mind makes you go crazy?! It seems like you are all alone in this situation, that you're the only one that this happens to, that no one else is going through this right now. The world is vast -- this is happening to more people than you think, it happens all the time, it's never anything new and it has happened to ourselves probably more than once before. Now is the time to be present and let go.

Why do I bring this up, because me, myself are in this situation right now. I do a lot of spiritual reading and I listen and follow the words, not only from the readings but from my heart..but right now I am contradicting myself. My ego has taken control and has allowed me to be miserable, allowed me to cry uncontrollably, allowed me to contemplate suicide and wish for death. It has become so destructive, I feared myself, I feared being alone for what may happen. Last night was the first night I went home and didn't cry, the first night that I was able to know what, this is for the best, cleanse the soul, figure out who you are. Take this time to explore yourself deeply and find out what you truly want in yourself. I was able to knock out my ego and allow my spirit to over come and shine. It happens to all of us. Don't be so hard on yourself if it does happen to you because it happens, we can't always be perfect, we can't always be's a hard process. Some day I will look back and laugh at how foolish I was. I know the road ahead is beautiful yet it will still be bumpy for awhile, it's all still fresh. Whatever happens during this time happens for a reason, whether that means letting someone that means the world to me go so they can explore their path on their own or allowing them back into my life so we can grow and explore together and push each other on our paths. Either way, I will be happy = ) I will bounce back fresh and revived and ready to take on my next step.

If you, yourself need someone now in your time of need please fell free to get ahold of my in any way. I love to listen, I have a shoulder to cry on, I'm everyones friend!

"Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live"

"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start to do and make a new ending" - Maria Robinson

"Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes" - Oscar Wilde

"Perhaps your eyes need to be washed by our tears every once in awhile, so that we can see life with a clearer view again" -Alex Tan

"When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grew in strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure" - Peter Marshall

December 9, 2011

Yoga for Headache Relief

My beautiful cousin came to me asking me for any poses that could help relieve her headaches. As a chronic headache sufferer myself I was instantly grateful to help her out. Below is a short list of some yoga exercises that should bring you some relief, from breathing to stretching to meditating. This is only to give you relief and is not a cure. If you have terrible migraines you may want to consult your physician and maybe even work with an acupunturist, mine has helped reduce the amount of migraines that I get significantly.


Sit on a chair or cross-legged on the floor, whichever is most comfortable for you. Check your posture, make sure that your spine is nice and long, shoulders on your back (away from your ears) and that you're not rounding your back or lurching your neck forward - this causes your muscles to strain to hold the head forward and the end result --- headaches! very common in people. i catch myself doing this at my desk..

close your eyes and take deep inhales and exhales holding the breath for a few counts after each inhale and exhale. while doing this, observe your breath. take your mind away from the pain and focus on the flow as you inhale and exhale. do this for 5-10 rounds and then move on to slow neck rolls, really stretching the muscle in each direction you move your head, do this 10 times, each direction.

get off the chair, if you were on one and place it in front of you - seat facing you. put your legs straight under the chair, place a pillow on the chair or a folded up blanket - make sure there is space between you and the chair. lay your forward on the chair without rounding the back, always keeping your shoulders away from your ears. --stay for 5min.

stack a couple pillows on top of each other come to your knees - toes touch and spread your knees wide, place the fillows between your legs and rest your body and head on the pillows - arms can be placed however comfortable - stay for 5min.

turn around and rest your back and back of head on the pillows, legs out in front of you feet relax out to the sides. arms along your sides - palms face up. - stay for 5min.

**while in these poses focus on your inhales and exhales the whole time or some other form of meditation you choose to calm you -- focusing on a peaceful place -- ocean, mountains, tree house, whatever it may be that brings you peace.

"All you have to do today is INHALE, EXHALE, INHALE....AHHHH" - Buddha

December 7, 2011

Branding Logo

For the past couple weeks I have been working with Omid, creator of MadMind Studios, to help me put together a branding logo, something that makes me stick out from other yoga studios and yoga instructors. As none of you probably know, it is my goal to eventually travel the world teaching retreats and master classes with the possibility of having my own studio.
So today we are down to the final revision of my logo. I'm excited to see what we come up with and excited to show you all what has been created. As soon as it is done I will attach it to my next post!

Love & Light

Lady J

Shadow Yoga Workshop DAY 4

Tonight will be Day 4 of my shadow yoga workshop, only two more left after this! We have been learning a few poses each day and tonight we add in the final 2 poses and put it all together.

I have made a discovery in this class that I have had very stiff hands in my 10 years of practice; I hold my hands as if I'm afraid to let the energy in my body, or maybe it's my way have maintaining balance in these poses cause I've noticed I can be a bit clumsy or uncoordinated. Through this class I have learned to let go and relax more into my mind and body and flow from pose to pose as if I'm dancing in water. I'll continue to take this with me in my regular hatha classes and incorporate some of the movements into my teaching.
Another interesting find in this class is that Ujjayi pranayama with loud inhales and exhales is for beginners, in shadow yoga you want your breathing to be silent, only listen to your breath from the inside. This really brings a different kind of concentration to your practice as opposed to listening to your breath from the outside.

Below is a link of the second half of class we have learned - Kartikkeya Mandala. When put together with the first half of class in total it lasts only 24 minutes. It's a very quick practice, unlike your 90 minute yoga class. No excuses that you don't have any time.

Enjoy the peacefulness that this moving meditation brings you.

November 29, 2011

Shadow Yoga Workshop DAY 1

I was ecstatic when my acupunturist at Golden Monkey Healing in Sherman Oaks sent me an e-mail with details on his next Shadow Yoga Workshop. For 6 days I will be learning a new technique and going against everything I have learned in my 10 years of praciticing yoga ; )

Last night was my first night. I bumped into my friend Casey who brought along a couple of her acro-yoga friends so we did a little "flying" as they call it in the acro world before class started. This will be my next adventure in yoga : )

Description of Shadow Yoga
Developed by Natanaga Zhander, Shadow Yoga is a modern school of yoga that is rooted in classical hatha yoga. Emphasis is placed on four prelude forms which prepare the student for the classical asanas. Reflecting common principles found in yoga, Indian cultural dance, martial arts, and the Ayurvedic and Siddha systems on medicine, the Shadow forms combine leg work and skillful arm movements with deep breath work to strengthen and free the energy of the periphery channels. This energy can then feed into and increases the central life force.

With curvy lines we floated into one pose to the next, we just got started so we have learned the warm-up sequence which lasts about 10mins, a few asanas and sun salutes. Tomorrow we will be adding on to our sequence and learning more asanas. It's not like your traditional yoga where you keep a straight back in all your poses, rounding of the back in some poses is encouraged. It also involves deep breathing without the sound of the ujayii breath. It was such a beautiful class, of course I don't have the smooth lines yet and I tend to fall in certain poses as I'm not used to this type of yoga.

I have attached a video to give you an idea of what we are working on..

If interested in the next workshop you can contact Matt at Golden Monkey Healing. I believe the next one starts in January but he will be able to give you more details.

November 26, 2011

New Lady J Yoga DEMO REEL Posted

I have just posted my first demo-reel for Lady J Yoga on YouTube. Check out my website for a link or directly at

Subsribe to my channel and enjoy more videos to come!

Hope everyone had a blissful Thanksgiving.

November 21, 2011

Black Dog Yoga

Yesterday I taught my last donation class at Black Dog Yoga. It was such a beautiful class filled with students who were really looking for a challenge and each one loved it in their own different way. I was surprised at how big the class was considering every street in LA is flooding at the moment, and the traffic is hairy scary because of how much rain is coming down. I love the LA rains, it means SNOW IN THE MOUNTAINS for snowboarding!
I've always enjoyed teaching at Black Dog as it was my "home" studio. This is where I got my certification and it always so warming and comforting when you enter. After 7 months of teaching there, I have had to make way for the new teacher training graduates to come in and teach. Excited for them.
See below photos from today's class. I currently don't have another class scheduled at the moment but I am working on a DVD as well as putting together a yoga retreat for 2012 so my schedule is plenty busy with that. But continue to follow me on my blog, twitter @ladyjyoga. and where I will update you on what's next!

November 1, 2011

Yoga Etiquette

Have you ever gone to a class, placed your mat down on the floor, only to have someone from the other side of the room walk all over it to get to the other side of the room? Annoyyyyinggggg and just plain rude, excuse me, I place my face where your stinky foot just landed. Just what are the etiquettes upon entering and leaving a yoga class that people should know about.

Etiquette is Respect. Respect your fellow Yogis.

  • Please arrive at least 5-10min early to allow yourself to settle into your spot and so the instructor can start on time
  • Please take your shoes off and leave them outside the room
  • Please turn OFF your cell-phone before entering, and not just silent or vibrate you never know when there will be a glitch in your phone and it'll ring while it's suppose to be silent and YES we can still here that humming vibrate of your phone, especially during savasana.
  • Please do not wear perfume to class, some people have sensitive noses or are allergic and the last thing you want to smell when you're practicing is musty flower perfume
  • Please do not walk all over others mats, we don't know what's going on with your feet and that funky odor..keep it to yourself
  • Please do not conversate with your friend during class, we know it's fun to connect and catch up on the gossip but yoga class is the wrong place to do so...maybe meet at a coffee shop next time instead
  • Please do not leave the practice early, especially during savasana (unless it's an emergency)
  • If you borrowed props please place them back where you got them from and in a neat manner
  • If you dripped sweat all over the floor around your mat, please use your towel to wipe this area, there may be another class following yours and it's not fun to place your mat in someones sweat or step in it...gross!

Thank you for respecting your fellow yogis!!!

NAMASTE. --the light in me bows to the light in you.

October 31, 2011

Motivational Monday

Sometimes it's hard to start your days on a high note only to realize it's already late afternoon and you're still feeling like you're on that low note. I have compiled some of my favorite quotes that put a smile on my face. Read these in the morning and continue to think about them throughout the day, maybe asking yourself "what does that mean?" Something to ponder and distract your mind for a moment away from your every day stresses.

Read on and SMILE : )

When you make friends with the present moment, you feel at home no matter where you are. When you don't feel at home in the Now, no matter where you go, you will cary unease with you.

Whatever you accept completely will take you to peace, including the acceptance that you cannot accept, that you are in resistance.

--Eckhart Tolle

Every breath can be a practice. With the inhalation, imagine drawing in pure, cleansing, relaxing energies. And with each exhalation, imagine expelling all obstacles, stress, and negative emotions. This is not something that requires a particular place in which to sit. It can be done when in the car on the way to work, waiting for a stop light, sitting in front of the computer, preparing a meal, cleaning the house, or walking.

--Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

You must learn to welcome consciously the most unexpected events of life, to be entirely transparent in front of them, without any motive, either right or wrong. At that moment avoid all judgement, for you do not know what law is in operation.

--Lizelle Reymond

Yoga teaches that beauty is everywhere if one can learn to see it, and that complete concentration upon a beautiful thought, scene or object will result in relaxation of the mind and achievement of tranquility.

--Nancy Phelan and Michael Volin

This path doesn't always hug the ridge tops; it often falls into deep canyons, sometimes moves along the waterways, across the valleys, deserts, and the tall peaks of your inner self. Its direction may not always seem clear as you venture into the wilderness within.

--Charles Breaux

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October 30, 2011


This morning I had the pleasure of teaching at Lululemon Santa Monica! What a great way to start out your day with a FREE class a couple blocks from the beach. Smell the ocean air before you enter and again as soon as you leave, just that alone calms the senses and brings your mind more present.

Every Sunday morning at 9:30am Lululemon hosts a free class with phenomenal teachers around the Santa Monica area, I was blessed to be included in that category and called in to teach. Considering it was the day after "Halloween" I started out slow to allow everyone's bodies to wake up and then I let the detox begin! : ) We had a nice strong mixed flow which included arm balances and inversions if you were advance enough for those options, either way every one worked up a sweat and ended the practice with a smile.

My love is like my personal assistant/agent. He was there from start to finish taking the class as well as pausing here and there to snap a few photos, below are a few photos that he was able to take for me.

Thank you Lululemon Santa Monica and to all my beautiful students who make teaching such a joy, I look forward to teaching there again!

October 17, 2011

Meditation Mondays

Love All Equally Meditation

Sitting comfortably, on the floor cross legged or on a chair with feet flat on the ground. Rest your hands palm down on your knees and connect the thumb and the index finger.

Take a look around the room and take a mental photo of everyone in the room, where they are sat, etc.

Close your eyes and take three consecutive deep breaths.
Breathe in deep, breathe out long
Breathe in deep, breathe out long
Breathe in deep, breathe out long
Return to breathing normally

Be aware of the breath coming in and the breath coming out. Feel the air coming in through your nostrils and going out.

If thoughts arise, don't fight them, just observe them as if they where distant clouds, and they will eventually fly by. Just focus on your breath, for 5-10 minutes

Now, recall that mental image of the room. Visualize peoples faces.
Now bring to mind a person whom you love intensly, like, your mum, you, girl/boy friend, Husband/wife.

Think of how warm this person makes you feel, their kindness and their generosity.

Imagine that everybody's face in the room, transforms into the face of your loved one.

The room is filled by loved ones, imagine how nice the world would be if everyone was this nice, this loving, this kind.

Just, focus on your breath and sit in the company of your loved ones.for a while.

Realise that everyone is in fact capable of such love and kindness, for we are all equal, we are all made of the same vibrating energy, that is the fabric of the universe.

You become aware that you can feel love towards anyone in the same way as you love your mum, dad, etc, for they are the same.

Sit observing your breath come in, and go out

When you are ready you may open your eyes, and sit in quiet contemplation.

October 16, 2011

Living Life

Sometimes things can get a little hectic in my life -- especially cause I work a crazy 9-5 job and right now it's MEETING SEASON which means long days and not enough time or motivation to post a new, I'm a bit behind but here I am again, back at it! : )

Continue to follow me my webpage as well as my facebook.

Ciao y Grazi!

Lady J

September 19, 2011

Meditation Monday

Chakra Meditation

There are 7 Chakras centrally aligned within the body. We will focus on each Chakra in another blog but to help you with this meditation I will list all 7

Visualise the white light coursing like a liquid through the crown chakra. Visualise white light coursing like a liquid through the third eye. Visualise white light coursing like a liquid through the throat chakra. Visualise white light coursing like a liquid through the heart chakra. Visualise white light coursing like a liquid through the solar plexus chakra. Visualise white light coursing like a liquid through the spleen chakra the sexual centre. Visualise white light coursing like a liquid through the root chakra. Visualise your spiritual chakra centres as being a hollow infrastructure, then as each one fills up with liquid white light. The liquid white light coursing into that chakra and as it does use your awakening perception to inhale breath into that chakra. As you perform this visualisation the chakra centre will become warm and in due time hot.

Now that it is hot you will now know that the chakra centre is completely full with white light, and it's time to move on to the following chakra centre.

Most people haven't done this before, so take time to practise this feel and become intuitively aware of the vibration. The white light has a smooth languid sensation as it courses freely through each chakra centre. By now all your chakra centres are full and they should all be coupled into each other, with an influx of white light.

September 17, 2011

Journey Into Fall with Yoga at the Beach

I'm back from Costa Rica! Was such a beautiful adventure and a lot of relaxation, which was much needed from my hectic weekly schedule. We spent time at Arenal Volcano zip-lining and then headed over to the Caribbean for some fun in the sun! The weather was perfect, with some days of rainforest rain showers which gave us time to sit and sip some coffee and watch the passerbys.
Every day was spent on the beach sipping coconuts, laying in the sand reading a book, snorkeling for hours on end -came back with a nice back burn ;) - and hiking in the jungle where we came across viper snakes, funky spiders, howler monkeys, sloths and white faced monkeys - i whipped out my banana from my pack and fed them from hand..coolest thing ever!

After 10 days it was nice to get back to the States to the beautiful Pacific Ocean and a comfortable bed. The weekend was started out right with YOGA @ THE BEACH, donation class for ALL LEVELS.
This morning at 9am a group of beautiful souls met at the Crescent Bay Park in Santa Monica, located South of the Pier next to the beach. We had a 1hr 15min. practice in the calming ocean breeze. Practicing to the sounds of the waves and seagulls makes for a peaceful practice, along with the noise of helicopters and passerbys stopping for a glimpse of what is going on - this helps with the practice of becoming centered and present on yourself.
Below are a few shots from the morning....

This was the start of JOURNEY INTO FALL. We will jump around the Santa Monica/Venice areas practicing yoga in the beautiful parks with the ocean as our backdrop

The next class will be :
Saturday September 24th @ 9am
Palisades Park
located around 615 Ocean Ave - Santa Monica
we will meet next to the rose garden

Join me at the next practice to calm your mind, heighten your senses and challenge yourself in poses - all with a smile and a lot of laughs! : )

August 31, 2011

Pose of the Week

Anjaneyasana (Low Lunge)

1. From Adho Muhka Svanasana (downward facing dog), exhale and step your right through to the front of your mat. Lower your left knee to the floor sliding the left leg back until you feel a comfortable stretch in the left front thigh. Place the top of your left foot flat on the floor so all 5 toes are pressing into the floor.

2. Inhale and lift your torso upright, sweeping your arms up towards the sky, bringing your biceps in line with your ears. Draw the tailbone down toward the floor and lift your pubic bone toward your navel. Bring your shoulder-blades together on your back.

3. Take your head back and look up, being careful not to jam the back of your neck. Reach your pinkies toward the ceiling. Hold for a minute, exhale your torso back to the right thigh and your hands to the floor, and turn your back toes under. With another exhale, lift your left knee off the floor and step back to Adho Mukha Svanasana


-Stretches the quadriceps
-Stretches smaller muscles, tendons and ligaments in the knee
-Toning of buttocks
-Tones and strengthens muscles in the arms and shoulders
**As seen in Yoga Journal

This will be my last post until mid-September, I'm leaving the country to go sip coconuts on the beach in Costa Rica!!! I'll make sure to update you all on my spectacular adventures.


August 29, 2011

Urban Lily Health and Wellness Fair

Urban Lily, the beautiful studio which I teach at will be hosting a Health and Wellness Fair. See attached flyer for information. The whole weekend cost $75 or one day for $40. Take as many classes as you want!!

Urban Lily Yoga
14843 Burbank Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA

I will be teaching a Stress Relief Workshop on Sunday the 11th 3-3:50pm. We will be going over how to distinguis between positive and negative stress and how to transform that negative stress into positive stress. This workshop includes meditations, restoratives and a few warm-up poses and sun-salutes.

**The first twelve people to enter the door to my Stress Relief class will recieve a Lady J Yoga goodie bag to include a sample meditation candle from my new up and coming natural candle line, made from bees-wax and a blend of essential oils.

Like my Facebook Fan Page to recieve a coupon for your first two classes FREE. Only applies to new students. Make sure to bring in the flyer when you come to your first class.

Meditation Monday

Raja ("royal union") Yoga Meditation

The act of Raja Yoga meditation for at least 15 minutes in the early morning will have a positive effect during the entire day.

Upon waking, have the thought; I am a peaceful soul, my aim today is to radiate peace to every person that I come in contact with

I am a peaceful soul .............
I am a peaceful soul ............
My mind is filled with peace ..............
I radiate peace to the world ...............
I feel the gentle waves of peace flowing across my mind ...........
As these peaceful thoughts emerge in my mind I feel the stillness and silence envelopes my mind .................
I am the peaceful soul ......
I am a peaceful loving soul ............
My mind feels light and free from worries ...........
I realize my real nature is peace ..........
Peaceful thoughts flow through the mind and I feel the self becoming light ......................
I am a being of light shining like a star .......................
I radiate peace and light to the world ......................
The light and peace envelopes me and the waves of peace and light shine like a lighthouse.............................................
This is the wonderful journey of self discovery

Raja Yoga Meditation Philosophy

The basis for attaining an experience in raja yoga meditation in to understand the self and the mind. The human mind is the most creative, powerful and wonderful "instrument" we possess. Using this energy called mind we have been able to search the deepest oceans, send humans to the moon and scan the molecular fabric of the building blocks of nature. But have we found our true self? We have become the most educated and civilized society in our history, but are we civil towards each other?

According to raja yoga Meditation The soul has three main faculties; the mind or consciousness, the intellect and the subconscious.
Thoughts flow from the sub conscious mind to the conscious mind. Feelings and emotions form in accordance with the montage of thoughts flowing in the mind. Therefore our state of mind at any given moment is determined by the thoughts in our consciousness, and also with the feelings that we associate with those thoughts. Since our sub consciousness contains all our previous thoughts and experiences, it is necessary to selectively control the flow of thoughts that emerges from the sub conscious mind.

The intellect is the controller which is used to discriminate so that only positive and benevolent thoughts flow into our mind. With meditation or deep contemplation, the individual is able to strengthen and sharpen the intellect. The end result is a constant state of well being. If we are able to understand the self as the source of energy that creates our feelings, then the following will become our aims.

Become aware of our state of mind and of the thoughts that flows into the mind from our subconscious.
Strengthen the intellect so that the individual can discriminate and thereby only allow positive and peaceful thoughts to flow into the mind.
Through this process of self development the individual develops more control over the mind.

August 25, 2011

Consciousness Cleanse

I have reached the final day of my 21 Day Consciousness Cleanse! Wooo..although I did break the NO computer and phone rule after 10 days. It's hard disconnecting from the world when your work involves being on a computer all day. I did forget that Facebook even existed though until my little sister spoke about a post on Facebook, around my day 7.
For those of you who haven't been keeping up with me through the process, the consciousness cleanse was from a book called 21 Day Consciousness Cleanse  by Debbie Ford.
The 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse: A Breakthrough Program for Connecting with Your Soul's Deepest Purpose [Book]

I chose to do this cleanse because at times I do find it difficult to remain present because of situations that have happened in the past. Even though I'm conscious of what I'm doing and I'm quick to turn it around, I felt I needed some more discipline. This cleanse is about building a profound and intimate relationship with your soul and to help you let go of all the false beliefs and assumptions that no longer serve you. We as individuals tend to assume a lot and tell ourselves lies, which in turn makes us unhappy. Nobody else can make us unhappy but ourselves. In order to help us understand that, this book breaks down into three sections - Past, Present and Future. It allows us to go back into our past and get rid of all the negative energy that we've been only covering up. The present focuses on what do we want right here, right now and the future allows us to look ahead and plan for how we would like to see our life evolve.

It's a beautiful spiritual reading with daily journaling and questions to answer. For me, the first section, the past, was an emotional rollercoaster. I cried, I screamed, I hated myself, I hated others, I thought my boyfriend was unsupportive, I thought about quiting my job, it was a rough week! But it did exactly what it was meant to do, as you're going back into your past, revisitng these situations, you're focusing all your energy on it to allow yourself to release it and let it go while your ego is still trying to hang on and keep those past memories inside you.

I recommend this reading to everyone who is ready and willing to change their lives around to become more peaceful and forgiving to themselves (first and foremost) and to others.
I have a vast library on spiritual readings, if anyone is looking for help on anything in particular please get in contact with me and I would love to share my knowledge and suggestions with you.


love & light
be blessed

August 24, 2011

Pose of the Week

Bhujangasana a.k.a Cobra Pose

1. Lie on your stomach on the floor. Stretch your legs back, tops of the feet on the floor. Place your hands on the floor directly under your shoulders and in line with your chest. Hug the elbows into your rib cage.
2. Press the tops of the feet and thighs and pubis firmly into the ground.
3. On a inhalation, begin to straighten the arms to lift the chest off the floor, making sure to keep a bend in the elbows so your thigs and pubis stay rested on the floor. Keep the buttocks soft.
4. Firm the shoulder blades against the back, puffing the side ribs forward. Lift through the top of the sternum but avoid pushing the top ribs forward. Distribute the backbend evenly throughout your spine.
5. Stay in this pose for 15-30 seconds and then release back down to the floor on an exhale.

-Strengthens the spine
-Stretches chest and lungs, shoulders and abs
-Firms the buttocks
-Stimulates abdominal organs
-Helps relieve stress and fatigue
-Opens the heart and lungs
-Soothes sciatica

August 23, 2011

Top 5 Unusual Places to practice Yoga

Yoga isn't just for studios or the home, at least not for me. I'll take the time to practice yoga anywhere and everywhere! With a full-time job and a teaching schedule, sometimes it can be difficult to fit in a studio practice so below I've listed the top 5 places you can find me fitting a quick practice in:

1. Elevator - Even in the office I like to get my practice in. While I'm riding the elevator up and down the floors I do backbends, warrior poses, downdog, uttanasana..anything to give me a quick little stretch to keep me from getting stiff and to relieve some stress. Yes, it can be a bit akward for the other person outside the elevator when the doors open and I'm in downdog, I don't embarass easy so I just smile and say hello as if it's normal to find someone practicing yoga in the elevators.

2. At my desk in the office - This is actually one of my favorite places to practice arm balances and teach others in the office. I'll do a quick astavakrasana, eka pada koundiyanasana II, bakasana, bhujangasana, or downdog. My co-workers will even stop by with a quick, "Hey, can you show me how to do such and such pose correctly?" and i'll break it down for them and we will have a quick little session behind my desk. If an office is empty for the day, we'll step in there instead for a little more privacy.

3. Airport  - Requirement to get to the airport before a flight is at least 1 hour, i like to get there 1 1/2 to 2 hours early so I can fit in a little practice before I get on the plane. I'll set my stuff down, plop on the floor and do a floor workout, occasionally with a headstand. Yes, I'm that girl that everyone points and stares at because how dare she embarrass herself like. ;)

4. Standing at a cross-walk - as I wait for the light to turn (some of the stoplights in Westwood are ridiculous, they can stay one color for 10mins.) I like to do a quick tree-pose, focusing on my third eye internally to bring me peace. It tends to make everything around you slow down and become quieter, like time is standing still.

5. Beautiful Great Outdoors - although not an unusual place to practice, mother nature has always been my favorite place, for anything. I grew up on a farm where every day was spent out in the garden, in the trees, the sandbox, the pastures, at the river fishing, swimming and boating. I've always felt a deep connection with the earth and to this day, any chance for an outdoor yoga pracitce I'll take it, whether it's at the beach, on a hiking trail, or on top of a mountain. The tranquility of the birds chirping and wind blowing makes me become more present than I am at any other moment.

 Practicing in a tree in Malibu...

Where is your favorite place to break out a quick practice? Add it to my comments below. Or what unusual place would you like to see me pop up and practice? Comment and I'll post a photo of me practicing in your requested spot!

August 22, 2011

Meditation Mondays

Yes, I'm a little behind..on the day and I think it has been a week since my last post. Oops..i believe it's the excitement of preparing for Costa Rica! I will be traveling the 31st - 10th, during this time I will not be blogging but will update you upon my return! Days have been filled with endless research and figuring out just what I want to bring and then yes, it hits me, again, for the 100th time, you're going to the really only need your bikins and cute little cover ups! Talk about packing light, I've never been one to pack light, a girl never knows what she wants to wear presently in that moment so it's not fun packing for a few days when what you might want to wear that day isn't what you felt like packing in previous days.

In the midst of all this, and teaching classes, and working, I still find the time to meditate daily. This may come in different forms, usually on my drive to and from work where I'll turn on my "yoga" music and tune out and focus on the surroundings. It's amazing how time stands still for that hour drive, yes I am a commuter..that hour is for 15miles. Other times it comes as a walking meditation, and some days I even find the time to sit peacefully in my corner and drown out my surroundings. But there are many forms of meditation, so no more excuses on not having the time to meditate. Set aside at least 5-15mins per day. My Monday blogs will be meditation days to help you get starter,  and I promise next time I'll get the post in earlier than 9:30 at night.

Lets start this week with a basic breathing meditation. Use this meditation to get centered anytime and anywhere. You can retreat into your breath whenever you are feeling tired or stressed out. Make sure before you start to set an alarm for your desired time so you're not thinking about how much time you have left.
- Sit in a comfortable position with your legs crossed
-Breathe quietly in and out through your nose. Feel each breath as it moves through your torso. Feel where in your body where your breath is moving and where it is not
-Begin to notice how your breath changes as you focus on it, and how awareness changes in turn.
-When your mind begins to drift, gently bring it back to your breath
-Begin to bring your breath into areas of your body that feel dull or "un-breathed" Imagine your torso as a container and actively send your breath into the places it's not reaching, such as your pelvis or the small of your back. Don't force the breath, just allow it to follow your consciousness
-At the end of your session, wiggle your fingers and toes, then stretch your legs and arms

If you are a beginner, start your session out at 5mins. per day and gradually work your way up.
My Monday/Wednesday evening classes incorporate breathing and meditation, if you're looking for a way to be guided through these meditations come check out one of my classes.

Love & Light

Lady J

August 10, 2011

Pose of the Week

Every Wednesday I'll be selecting a pose and breaking down how to get into it and the benefits of the pose.
This week I have chosen Adho Mukha Svanasana a.k.a. Downward Facing Dog.

 It seems like such an easy pose, as most of us cheat at it, yes even I like to sometimes, but if done correctly it's actually a very advanced pose with many benefits.

 1. Start by coming to the floor on your hands and knees, placing your hands directly under your shoulders and knees sits-bones distance apart (touch the bottom of your bum and find those boney points on either side -- those are your sits-bones, place your knees that far apart). Spread your fingers nice and wide making sure your pointer fingers are parallel with one another. Curl your toes underneath you take a deep inhale and on an exhale...
2. Lift your knees away from the floor and press your thighs back in space. Keeping your knees slightly bent, heels lifted off the floor, really press your sits bones up towards the sky and press your chest towards your thighs as if you're trying to lay your chest on your thighs. Keeping this, straighten your legs and lower your heels towards the floor.
3. Externally rotate your upper arms to bring your shoulders closer together on your back and really lengthen from your tailbone to the crown of your head creating a long spine.  Keep your ears in-line with your biceps; don't let it hang.
4. Stay in this pose for 1-3 minutes and with an exhalation lower back down to your knees.

  • Calms the brain and helps relieve stress and mild depression
  • Energizes the body
  • Stretches the shoulders, hamstrings, calves, arches and hands
  • Strengthens the arms and legs
  • Helps relieve the symptoms of menopause
  • Helps prevent osteoporosis
  • Improves digestion
  • Relieves headache, insomnia, back pain and fatigue

To deepen your practice - visit my website to contact me for information on PRIVATES

Love & Light

August 9, 2011

This is the beginning of great things to come..

Welcome to my world where I live, eat, breathe YOGA. Follow me along this path as I inform you of all things Yoga and that doesn't mean just poses and the coolest yoga attire. Yoga to me is in everything I do, whether it be eating, driving, shopping, talking - being in the present moment in anything  you do is Yoga. I will, yes of course, keep you informed on poses and yoga attire but I will also keep you informed on events happening around the community, great farmers markets, recipes, poses of the week, crazy diets I'm doing (who knows..maybe you'll all want to join me while I drink slimy green things) and much more!

So this is where it all begins...I welcome feed back and ideas from everyone! If you have something to share with me, please do. Who knows, I may use it in my new DVD release!

With that, check out my website, which I am constantly updating cause I can't leave anything alone...
and visit me in class at
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Yoga for Stress Relief

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Love & Light

Lady J