December 9, 2011

Yoga for Headache Relief

My beautiful cousin came to me asking me for any poses that could help relieve her headaches. As a chronic headache sufferer myself I was instantly grateful to help her out. Below is a short list of some yoga exercises that should bring you some relief, from breathing to stretching to meditating. This is only to give you relief and is not a cure. If you have terrible migraines you may want to consult your physician and maybe even work with an acupunturist, mine has helped reduce the amount of migraines that I get significantly.


Sit on a chair or cross-legged on the floor, whichever is most comfortable for you. Check your posture, make sure that your spine is nice and long, shoulders on your back (away from your ears) and that you're not rounding your back or lurching your neck forward - this causes your muscles to strain to hold the head forward and the end result --- headaches! very common in people. i catch myself doing this at my desk..

close your eyes and take deep inhales and exhales holding the breath for a few counts after each inhale and exhale. while doing this, observe your breath. take your mind away from the pain and focus on the flow as you inhale and exhale. do this for 5-10 rounds and then move on to slow neck rolls, really stretching the muscle in each direction you move your head, do this 10 times, each direction.

get off the chair, if you were on one and place it in front of you - seat facing you. put your legs straight under the chair, place a pillow on the chair or a folded up blanket - make sure there is space between you and the chair. lay your forward on the chair without rounding the back, always keeping your shoulders away from your ears. --stay for 5min.

stack a couple pillows on top of each other come to your knees - toes touch and spread your knees wide, place the fillows between your legs and rest your body and head on the pillows - arms can be placed however comfortable - stay for 5min.

turn around and rest your back and back of head on the pillows, legs out in front of you feet relax out to the sides. arms along your sides - palms face up. - stay for 5min.

**while in these poses focus on your inhales and exhales the whole time or some other form of meditation you choose to calm you -- focusing on a peaceful place -- ocean, mountains, tree house, whatever it may be that brings you peace.

"All you have to do today is INHALE, EXHALE, INHALE....AHHHH" - Buddha

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