December 7, 2011

Shadow Yoga Workshop DAY 4

Tonight will be Day 4 of my shadow yoga workshop, only two more left after this! We have been learning a few poses each day and tonight we add in the final 2 poses and put it all together.

I have made a discovery in this class that I have had very stiff hands in my 10 years of practice; I hold my hands as if I'm afraid to let the energy in my body, or maybe it's my way have maintaining balance in these poses cause I've noticed I can be a bit clumsy or uncoordinated. Through this class I have learned to let go and relax more into my mind and body and flow from pose to pose as if I'm dancing in water. I'll continue to take this with me in my regular hatha classes and incorporate some of the movements into my teaching.
Another interesting find in this class is that Ujjayi pranayama with loud inhales and exhales is for beginners, in shadow yoga you want your breathing to be silent, only listen to your breath from the inside. This really brings a different kind of concentration to your practice as opposed to listening to your breath from the outside.

Below is a link of the second half of class we have learned - Kartikkeya Mandala. When put together with the first half of class in total it lasts only 24 minutes. It's a very quick practice, unlike your 90 minute yoga class. No excuses that you don't have any time.

Enjoy the peacefulness that this moving meditation brings you.

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