October 31, 2011

Motivational Monday

Sometimes it's hard to start your days on a high note only to realize it's already late afternoon and you're still feeling like you're on that low note. I have compiled some of my favorite quotes that put a smile on my face. Read these in the morning and continue to think about them throughout the day, maybe asking yourself "what does that mean?" Something to ponder and distract your mind for a moment away from your every day stresses.

Read on and SMILE : )

When you make friends with the present moment, you feel at home no matter where you are. When you don't feel at home in the Now, no matter where you go, you will cary unease with you.

Whatever you accept completely will take you to peace, including the acceptance that you cannot accept, that you are in resistance.

--Eckhart Tolle

Every breath can be a practice. With the inhalation, imagine drawing in pure, cleansing, relaxing energies. And with each exhalation, imagine expelling all obstacles, stress, and negative emotions. This is not something that requires a particular place in which to sit. It can be done when in the car on the way to work, waiting for a stop light, sitting in front of the computer, preparing a meal, cleaning the house, or walking.

--Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

You must learn to welcome consciously the most unexpected events of life, to be entirely transparent in front of them, without any motive, either right or wrong. At that moment avoid all judgement, for you do not know what law is in operation.

--Lizelle Reymond

Yoga teaches that beauty is everywhere if one can learn to see it, and that complete concentration upon a beautiful thought, scene or object will result in relaxation of the mind and achievement of tranquility.

--Nancy Phelan and Michael Volin

This path doesn't always hug the ridge tops; it often falls into deep canyons, sometimes moves along the waterways, across the valleys, deserts, and the tall peaks of your inner self. Its direction may not always seem clear as you venture into the wilderness within.

--Charles Breaux

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October 30, 2011


This morning I had the pleasure of teaching at Lululemon Santa Monica! What a great way to start out your day with a FREE class a couple blocks from the beach. Smell the ocean air before you enter and again as soon as you leave, just that alone calms the senses and brings your mind more present.

Every Sunday morning at 9:30am Lululemon hosts a free class with phenomenal teachers around the Santa Monica area, I was blessed to be included in that category and called in to teach. Considering it was the day after "Halloween" I started out slow to allow everyone's bodies to wake up and then I let the detox begin! : ) We had a nice strong mixed flow which included arm balances and inversions if you were advance enough for those options, either way every one worked up a sweat and ended the practice with a smile.

My love is like my personal assistant/agent. He was there from start to finish taking the class as well as pausing here and there to snap a few photos, below are a few photos that he was able to take for me.

Thank you Lululemon Santa Monica and to all my beautiful students who make teaching such a joy, I look forward to teaching there again!

October 17, 2011

Meditation Mondays

Love All Equally Meditation

Sitting comfortably, on the floor cross legged or on a chair with feet flat on the ground. Rest your hands palm down on your knees and connect the thumb and the index finger.

Take a look around the room and take a mental photo of everyone in the room, where they are sat, etc.

Close your eyes and take three consecutive deep breaths.
Breathe in deep, breathe out long
Breathe in deep, breathe out long
Breathe in deep, breathe out long
Return to breathing normally

Be aware of the breath coming in and the breath coming out. Feel the air coming in through your nostrils and going out.

If thoughts arise, don't fight them, just observe them as if they where distant clouds, and they will eventually fly by. Just focus on your breath, for 5-10 minutes

Now, recall that mental image of the room. Visualize peoples faces.
Now bring to mind a person whom you love intensly, like, your mum, you, girl/boy friend, Husband/wife.

Think of how warm this person makes you feel, their kindness and their generosity.

Imagine that everybody's face in the room, transforms into the face of your loved one.

The room is filled by loved ones, imagine how nice the world would be if everyone was this nice, this loving, this kind.

Just, focus on your breath and sit in the company of your loved ones.for a while.

Realise that everyone is in fact capable of such love and kindness, for we are all equal, we are all made of the same vibrating energy, that is the fabric of the universe.

You become aware that you can feel love towards anyone in the same way as you love your mum, dad, etc, for they are the same.

Sit observing your breath come in, and go out

When you are ready you may open your eyes, and sit in quiet contemplation.

October 16, 2011

Living Life

Sometimes things can get a little hectic in my life -- especially cause I work a crazy 9-5 job and right now it's MEETING SEASON which means long days and not enough time or motivation to post a new blog..so, I'm a bit behind but here I am again, back at it! : )

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Ciao y Grazi!

Lady J