November 29, 2011

Shadow Yoga Workshop DAY 1

I was ecstatic when my acupunturist at Golden Monkey Healing in Sherman Oaks sent me an e-mail with details on his next Shadow Yoga Workshop. For 6 days I will be learning a new technique and going against everything I have learned in my 10 years of praciticing yoga ; )

Last night was my first night. I bumped into my friend Casey who brought along a couple of her acro-yoga friends so we did a little "flying" as they call it in the acro world before class started. This will be my next adventure in yoga : )

Description of Shadow Yoga
Developed by Natanaga Zhander, Shadow Yoga is a modern school of yoga that is rooted in classical hatha yoga. Emphasis is placed on four prelude forms which prepare the student for the classical asanas. Reflecting common principles found in yoga, Indian cultural dance, martial arts, and the Ayurvedic and Siddha systems on medicine, the Shadow forms combine leg work and skillful arm movements with deep breath work to strengthen and free the energy of the periphery channels. This energy can then feed into and increases the central life force.

With curvy lines we floated into one pose to the next, we just got started so we have learned the warm-up sequence which lasts about 10mins, a few asanas and sun salutes. Tomorrow we will be adding on to our sequence and learning more asanas. It's not like your traditional yoga where you keep a straight back in all your poses, rounding of the back in some poses is encouraged. It also involves deep breathing without the sound of the ujayii breath. It was such a beautiful class, of course I don't have the smooth lines yet and I tend to fall in certain poses as I'm not used to this type of yoga.

I have attached a video to give you an idea of what we are working on..

If interested in the next workshop you can contact Matt at Golden Monkey Healing. I believe the next one starts in January but he will be able to give you more details.

November 26, 2011

New Lady J Yoga DEMO REEL Posted

I have just posted my first demo-reel for Lady J Yoga on YouTube. Check out my website for a link or directly at

Subsribe to my channel and enjoy more videos to come!

Hope everyone had a blissful Thanksgiving.

November 21, 2011

Black Dog Yoga

Yesterday I taught my last donation class at Black Dog Yoga. It was such a beautiful class filled with students who were really looking for a challenge and each one loved it in their own different way. I was surprised at how big the class was considering every street in LA is flooding at the moment, and the traffic is hairy scary because of how much rain is coming down. I love the LA rains, it means SNOW IN THE MOUNTAINS for snowboarding!
I've always enjoyed teaching at Black Dog as it was my "home" studio. This is where I got my certification and it always so warming and comforting when you enter. After 7 months of teaching there, I have had to make way for the new teacher training graduates to come in and teach. Excited for them.
See below photos from today's class. I currently don't have another class scheduled at the moment but I am working on a DVD as well as putting together a yoga retreat for 2012 so my schedule is plenty busy with that. But continue to follow me on my blog, twitter @ladyjyoga. and where I will update you on what's next!

November 1, 2011

Yoga Etiquette

Have you ever gone to a class, placed your mat down on the floor, only to have someone from the other side of the room walk all over it to get to the other side of the room? Annoyyyyinggggg and just plain rude, excuse me, I place my face where your stinky foot just landed. Just what are the etiquettes upon entering and leaving a yoga class that people should know about.

Etiquette is Respect. Respect your fellow Yogis.

  • Please arrive at least 5-10min early to allow yourself to settle into your spot and so the instructor can start on time
  • Please take your shoes off and leave them outside the room
  • Please turn OFF your cell-phone before entering, and not just silent or vibrate you never know when there will be a glitch in your phone and it'll ring while it's suppose to be silent and YES we can still here that humming vibrate of your phone, especially during savasana.
  • Please do not wear perfume to class, some people have sensitive noses or are allergic and the last thing you want to smell when you're practicing is musty flower perfume
  • Please do not walk all over others mats, we don't know what's going on with your feet and that funky odor..keep it to yourself
  • Please do not conversate with your friend during class, we know it's fun to connect and catch up on the gossip but yoga class is the wrong place to do so...maybe meet at a coffee shop next time instead
  • Please do not leave the practice early, especially during savasana (unless it's an emergency)
  • If you borrowed props please place them back where you got them from and in a neat manner
  • If you dripped sweat all over the floor around your mat, please use your towel to wipe this area, there may be another class following yours and it's not fun to place your mat in someones sweat or step in it...gross!

Thank you for respecting your fellow yogis!!!

NAMASTE. --the light in me bows to the light in you.